Surreal Estate Theme

The Surreal Estate theme has been fully designed, and now we are converting the design into a fully functional WordPress Theme.

The Surreal Estate WordPress theme will contain lots of functionality:-

  • Add Properties for Sale or To Rent through the CMS
  • Search Properties, and filter properties
  • Add Local Amenities for each property
  • Google Maps integration
  • Content which is easy to manage and keep updated
  • Optimised for best SEO practises
  • and lots more!

This is only the beginning!

Once the theme goes live we will be providing full support on this theme and regularly be keeping it up to date. We will be adding a number of different layouts for each page to make modifying the template a lot more easier. We will be listening to the people that have purchased the theme and implementing features that customers require.

We’re looking forward to launching the theme, and we will keep you updated with the progress!